The solutions

The apartments available for our guests

Minori Apartment

Located on the slopes of Monte Cassino, a short distance of the Abbey. Charming, bright and well-refined, the apartment overlooks the town and, in the distance, one can see the mountains of Abruzzo National Park. Furnishings and details give to it an intense golden light.

Maiori Apartment

Located at very short distance from the Abbey, the apartment, surrounded by greenery, offers a bright and wide city views. The elegant traditional decor gives to the place a warm and familiar atmosphere. It also enjoys the view of an elegant corner of the rock garden.

Ravello Apartment

Fireplace and panoramic terrace allow to exploit the full potential of the elegant apartment, enriched by intense Mediterranean shades, recalling with the drawings the famous town on the Amalfi Coast. In the background the Fortress Janula.

Amalfi Apartment

The intense colors of ceramics of Vietri are enhanced by the light entering through the many windows and make this apartment bright tones, even more sparkling. The large terrace complete the enjoyment of the environment.

Vietri Apartment

With a modern and functional furniture, the Vietri apartment offers all the comforts for a relaxing stay. Ideal for a couple, has, among other things, a comfortable terrace that lends itself to romantic dinners with panoramic views of a glimpse of the city.

Outer space

A look to the outside that embraces with its nature the five apartments.